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about wyatt

Wyatt Nelson is a spirited 18-year-old with Down syndrome and autism who loves dogs and cooking. When his high school job training program took a backseat to COVID, that didn't stop Wyatt – he started his own business!


Wyatt and team are now celebrating 3 years with fans around the globe!


Wyatt’s Dog Company launched in October 2020 when Wyatt had the idea to make tricks and treats for dogs for Halloween. Like his skeleton decoration, he exclaimed that he wanted to make them in the shape of bones!

Wyatt and his team use only the best all-natural ingredients for dogs that are also gluten-free and human- grade.


Wyatt's first retailer was the Sunflower Shop (now closed) in Wyatt’s hometown of Arlington Heights, Illinois. Demand grew fast! Students from the business class at Wyatt’s school stepped up to help. Parents of others with special needs called to ask for their kids to get involved. We said yes to EVERYONE. That's when we knew this was about something bigger: empowerment! 

Today, Robyn's Nest in Arlington Heights is the Signature Retail Partner for Wyatt's Dog Company dog treats and dog toys. Sherwin ACE in Arlington Heights carries the dog treats by the register. The Pet Spaw in Roselle joined in to offer Wyatt's goods with dog grooming.

Small batches of holiday flavors like Turducken Treats, with real turkey brushed with duck fat, make it extra fun. Peanut Butter & Bacon Bones are the fan favorite.


Wyatt pays it forward with profits to special needs therapies and charities. He does not take a paycheck and it's all volunteer!


Please join in supporting young entrepreneur Wyatt. Check out all his Charity Partners! Now Wyatt is sending kits to others with disabilities around the country -- expanding his inclusive vision!

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